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Colors that symbolize family

In my previous article, I wrote about the effects of colors on our moods and my own color preference and colors that play a vital role in my life. However, I live in a family with my husband and my daughter. We have got different personalities with different color preferences.

Four colors symbolize family relationships: brown, green, white, and blue. Brown represents stability, and green is associated with nurturing. At the same time, blue and white represent loyalty in the family.

A cup of tea


Brown means stability, security, strength, and support. We can meet brown if we look at the land, the barks of trees, and the stems of plants. All of them represent living things. Stability, security, strength, and support also exist in healthy relationships and families.

Brown has also been said to affect our body by raising serotonin levels, which regulate mood. Or if we think about a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, that also calls to mind the sense of relaxation, making people feel warm, calm, and comfortable.

Some people think brown is boring; it is not captivating, especially in several Western countries, but it is the most widely used color in art.

As I wrote in the previous article, brown is one of my favorite colors. Before, I loved black in my clothing, but my black clothes were gradually replaced by brown as a winter color.

I prefer brown and gold in my make-up. My eye shadow palettes and collection are almost shades of brown, beige, and gold.

Green path



Green is another eminent color in nature that is associated with nurturing, growth, development, hope, and renewal in the family. However, outside the family environment, it has other meanings like wealth, abundance, security, prosperity, harmony, and relaxation.

Green is one of the most popular colors; it is gender-neutral and loved by men and women. It can be seen almost everywhere in nature. Also, it is a loved color in architecture and art; it furthers harmony, overall development, and well-being. The German poet Goethe announced that green was the most relaxing color, making it a choice for a family’s bedroom.

Green leaves remind people to look forward to new starts after a cold winter.

Green also symbolizes fertility. It is also considered a sacred color in many countries. In Western countries, green and red stand for Christmas, while in Japan, it stands for eternal life.

It has been used in color therapy as well. It carries feelings of growth and prosperity and offers hope for the future. However, it can transport jealousy and greed; we should be careful when using green for critical situations.

White swan couple



White often means cleanliness, virtue, and holiness. But it is also associated with loyalty, innocence, and purity in family relationships. White is the absence of color. Thus, it is pure and untainted, representing harmony. In Eastern countries, it is associated with death and the barren desert.

In many religions, white means spirituality, holiness, and divinity. White also symbolizes how family members support and recognize each other’s achievements. Also, in modern times, several religious leaders wear white during ceremonies.




Blue is also a color of nature. It is the color of the sea and sky. Blue symbolizes serenity, peace, openness, freedom, knowledge, and wisdom. In family relationships, blue means loyalty, communication, and harmony.

Blue invokes mental and physical tranquility, like you can feel gazing at calm oceans and peaceful skies. Also, it slows down metabolism and decreases appetite.

Lighter blue represents open communication and loyalty, essential in a healthy family environment. Different shades of blue encourage harmony and cooperation among family members.

Our Christmas family photo


Colors in our family

I like blue in nature. I love looking at the blueness of the water and sky; turquoise water simultaneously makes me happy and relaxed. The beauty of turquoise blueness of the popular Navaggio Beach in Greece caused me an unforgettable experience in my life.

I love green grass and leaves. They are reassuring and essential parts of my life. Walking outside and admiring the vast path of the green grassy field while sensing as the tender breeze kisses my face is divine.

However, wearing cool-colored clothing and using cool-colored decorations in our home makes me feel cold. I noticed that in blue colors, I feel cold. In artificial things like clothing, decoration these colors don’t make me relaxed at all; I feel a lack of energy, powerless to surround myself with these colors.

My husband is the opposite. He loves blue and green. If I start from his Zodiac sign, he is Aquarius, so it is no wonder he loves blue in everything. I noticed he mainly worked for companies whose company website is blue color dominated, and he prefers clothing and decoration.

However, he started to prefer green some years ago, and then I checked his Ascendant; he is Virgo. Virgos like green. He bought several pieces of clothing and attracted green things into his life.

He might have noticed this a little late because previously, he always preferred white in wall painting. After getting the living room in our Budapest apartment painted green, he often told me he liked this color. It is very relaxing for him. It was interesting because I chose that color and when I told him he said he wouldn’t like it. But when it was ready, he was astonished, admitting he had never thought the green color would be so beautiful.

My husband also likes orange, a warm color, but he loves orange fruit too.

Our little child is a Scorpio with Virgo Ascendant. She loves red, brown, yellow, mustard, pink, and green. And she started to like purple too.

Our family has many colors, which is not always easy, mainly with laundry and choosing the right decoration. I tried to convince my husband to wear a pink shirt at a wedding ceremony that could match my pink dress, arguing that pink is a cheerful color, but this attempt was unsuccessful. Adjusting to him, I wore blue clothing for a while but didn’t feel comfortable in them. We cannot force each other to wear a piece of cloth that the other doesn’t like.

What color represents your family?

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