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How to Balance Your Energy

yin and yang

Energy is our life force; it is under the physical body and cannot be seen by the eye. It manifests as emotions and disease in the body. Our energy comes from our environment, experiences, and the people around us. Both women and men have innumerable, often dynamic, combinations of masculine and feminine energies. Masculine energies make us assertive and dominant, while feminine energies make us intuitive and caring. It is essential to recognise the imbalances between the two types of energies within us and aim at balancing our energy; otherwise, we can gain different diseases in our bodies.

According to Chinese medical theory, Yin refers to the feminine energies in life, and Yang refers to the masculine energies. When we find the right balance of both energies, we can feel harmonious, but achieving it is challenging. Yin and Yang, or male and feminine energies, are like light and dark, day and night, or sun and moon in nature. They are each necessary and elemental for the existence of the other. There is no daytime without nighttime.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where, in general, masculine energies like reasoning, strength, and action are honoured while feminine energies like emotionality, nurturing, and receptivity are undervalued and, even worse, diminished. The polarity between masculine and feminine energies within men and women limits people’s experience with freedom.

Films about feminine and masculine characteristics

The film “The Mask You Live In” encourages boys and men “to disconnect from their emotions, devalue authentic friendships, objectify women, and resolve conflicts through violence.” A “real” man must be physically strong and assertive and don’t honour feminine characteristics within themselves. While the film “Miss Representation” shows that women’s values are based on youth, beauty, and sexuality and not their capacity as leaders.

Balancing feminine and masculine energies

Balancing feminine and masculine energies within us is necessary. We should move away from society’s expectations and focus on our essence and experiences. We need to discover what masculine and feminine aspects resonate with us in different areas of life. We should find the best version of ourselves by balancing these two energies.

Deganit Nuur’s categories

Deganit Nuur determined four categories according to the feminine and masculine energies: Greater Yin, Lesser Yin, Lesser Yang, and Greater Yang.

Greater Yin:
feels things before understanding them and has a bleeding heart. They are “sensitive,” honest, vulnerable, and authentic. They are wise and connect deeply with a person. When they are imbalanced, they take on the environment’s energy. They can find balance by meditating, journaling, sleeping, napping, and “Me time.” They must cry or dance their feelings out. If they can give, volunteer, help a friend out, or be kind to someone that gives their power back.

Lesser Yin: They are well-balanced. They are sensitive and curious, rather creative than analytical, and more introverted than extroverted. They are self-aware and go with the flow. They create a safe space everywhere they go. In imbalance, they can be self-sacrificing and self-abandoning. They can achieve balance with creative projects that can be a mirror for their spiritual growth. Setting their boundaries is also essential for them.

Lesser Yang: they are open-minded and kind-hearted. They expect more from life than others. They are passionate and playful. They are constantly learning and growing. They have got a great sense of adventure and a healthy work-life balance. They can’t limit themselves to just one area of interest. In their imbalance, they have extra yang energy, and if they don’t use it wisely, it will turn against them. Everything could be great in their life; they feel trapped and anxious if they don’t use their extra energy. Their tools for balancing can be nurturing their curiosity, sense of adventure, and desire for growth, joining classes like dances and a foreign language. They are often the party’s life, but they don’t have to attend every party.

Greater Yang: They are bosses, and everyone knows it. They are natural leaders. They are fabulous problem solvers. They think big and shift the energy in a big way. Otherwise, they get bored. They can move mountains. They are blessed with little extra energy, motivation, and drive. They think fast, excel, and grow more quickly than most. In imbalance, they can easily feel failed or be disappointed in others. They know what you want, and you do. They can achieve balance by accepting that they are strong leaders and others will follow them and help them. They must trust that everyone wins when they take control.

After reading Deganit Nuur’s categories, I was thinking about what type suits me the most. It is hard to answer it. I have found characteristics in all categories that are true for me. I feel “Lesser Yang” is true for me most. For me, a healthy work-life balance is essential in my life. I am hungry for advantages (new things) in my life, and I am constantly learning and growing; I must always learn a new skill. And the extra energy, which is often much more than in others, is so true for me. It took a long time to use it wisely. I need a lot of physical activities; I need to do some sports every day. Otherwise, I feel very anxious. And yes, there was a time when I was thinking of why I felt so stressed when everything was fine with me. This extra energy turned against me, as Nuur said too.

Moreover, I think we can have different dominant energies in different life periods. For example, suppose a woman is after a ten-year relationship and spends some years as a single focusing on her career, growth, and self-discovery. In that case, it is evident that her masculine energy is dominant, but this doesn’t mean that her core energy is male energy.

How our relationships impact our masculine and feminine energies

Also, I reckon the relationship in which we live also determines how we can use our core energies and live the real woman inside us in this relationship. If we are single or live in a relationship where we can’t live our feminine energies, the real woman inside us, it is crucial to find a hobby or different feminine things for ourselves; otherwise, we get ill. We cannot focus only on how to earn much more money or our career progress, which are very masculine activities, neglecting our feminine side.

The roles of different zodiac signs

In addition, our horoscope also determines our core energies. I am an Aries woman, a very masculine type of Zodiac sign, even in women. I have vast extra power, need a lot of physical activities, love adventures and learning new skills, am the so-called “never-settled” type, and initiative and freedom are the most important for me. But my ascendant is Cancer, which is very feminine and sensitive, and family is their most important thing. My heart is my strength but my weakness at the same time. So, finding the balance between my energies has never been easy for me.


In conclusion, finding the balance between our feminine and masculine energies takes time and a lot of effort. It needs a lot of work on ourselves, consciousness, and self-awareness. But at the same time, it is an exciting journey to get to know ourselves better and better, drop our masks and step into our core energy.

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