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How do colors affect our moods?

Colors play a crucial part in our everyday life. Colors affect our moods depending on whether we like that particular color. We can also link specific memories and thoughts with certain colors. It is indisputable that there is a connection between colors and our emotions as a myriad of idioms show what way color can affect our mood, like:

Are you green with envy?

Do you ever feel blue?

Are you seeing red?

Is your world black and white?

Colourful leaves


General and unique reaction to colors

Psychologists associate specific colors with certain moods.
Green is primarily associated with calmness. If you stare out the window and see a patch of green for a few minutes, it makes you calmer, or at least in most people’s cases. Or if you wear bright clothes on a rainy day, that can make you happier.

However, our reaction to the different colors is as unique as our reaction to other things in life. Of course, we are conditioned socially and culturally as well. In most societies, black is the color of mourning, and we usually don’t wear black clothing in hot summer. However, our reactions are primarily personal and individual.

A lady holding a laptop in her hands with a colourful background

Colors in my life

I started to deal with colors on a deeper level a few years ago when I noticed that the color of my clothing, and the colors in my surrounding area, like wall painting and decoration, influence my mood meaningfully. First, I thought that our Zodiac signs and our Ascendant affect our color preference in a significant way. That is true, but other factors in our life have affected our color preferences too.

Some weeks ago, I went to a color consultant who gave me detailed color analyses. I had to use an application and color a chart, then I wrote some sentences about one of my favorite colors, brown, because the chart doesn’t contain it, but this color plays a significant part in my life. I got a very long analysis accompanied by a color analysis consultation. It was astonishing how precise analysis I could get after having colored this chart.

I am a person who started to deal with self-awareness
many years ago, I also made many self-awareness lessons for my students, took part in coaching, group coaching, etc., and this analysis was a massive confirmation of everything I could get to know about myself for many years.

Regarding my color preference, I belong to the fans of warm colors, and I would like to write about warm colors in this article primarily.

Warm colors

A baby and a mother in red color


As a teacher, I have often used red pens and always loved writing with red pens. Since my zodiac sign is Aries and my ascendant
is Cancer, I always understood why I really love red so much. I feel energetic in my red clothes, and it makes me cheerful whenever I see the red color.

While many think red is associated with a sense of urgency, represents danger, and forces us to become more active and alert, it brings me a sense of being warm, loved, and safe,

My color analysis also contains red. It refers to my passion, courage, and drive, which help me achieve my goals. Red suggests I like helping people and gives me an immense love of life. It allows me to renew, change and revalue, and I always desire new things. Red also symbolizes the fight and the healthy competitive spirit in my life.



I also love other warm colors like yellow, especially in wall painting. I always associated joy and cheerfulness. I have been living in the UK for more than 6 years, where the weather is often cloudy and rainy, and for me, the yellow wall painting of our bedroom replaces the sunlight.

In my color analysis, yellow is a color energy that I brought based on birth date. For the color analyses, the consultant also used my birth dates, names, maiden names, and married names.

Yellow suggests that personal development, gathering information, and celebrating is essential for my life. Moreover, it symbolizes my love for teaching and my optimism. It also indicates that I have my own requirements for myself and the world. Honesty is crucial for me, but I tend to criticize and give my opinion in a way that could harm others. I need to work on the last one. ???? Yellow also suggests I love challenges and speaking. I love deep conversation and people with whom I can have a deep conversation.

A brown leafe



I love wearing brown clothing in the winter when we usually choose darker colors. For me, brown is a really reassuring color. Brown and gold have been among my favorite colors, either.

According to my analysis, dark is a significant color on the base of my maiden name. It symbolizes my solidity, reliability, self-control, sanity, and confidence, mainly with rational things. It also shows that I am a down-to-earth, physically tough person who loves living a conscious life but also refers to a person who doesn’t like to take risks. This was an energy I brought myself with my birth, from childhood. However, these things have changed; I dare to take risks, change, try new things, and often leave my comfort zone.

A mother with a baby in their pink clothes


After the birth of my little girl, I began to buy pink baby stuff, and I have noticed that I also like purchasing pink pieces of clothes for myself. I also choose pink for the color of my website. In the last few years, I started to prefer pink.

According to the analyses, the pink color symbolizes motherhood in my life. It is the color of motherhood, unconditional love toward me and others. It was exciting to hear that I chose this color instinctively for my website, and it gets a bigger and bigger part of my life.

Pink also helps me to leave rationality and move towards spirituality but at the same time to find the right balance between the two ones.

What is your color preference?

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